mardi 3 novembre 2015


Welcome to the experimental weblog of the Key Tutors project designed by iriv conseil (co-initiator & French partner) in October 2015 for being the basis for the website to be implemented for the Key Tutors by Familles Rurales Pays de Loire (leader & co-initiator) available since 2016 on : .

Most of the low-skilled workers come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Professionals working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities are mainly social workers but also other kinds of professionals.As the  public support for employment has increased in the past years to face the difficult social and economic context, their professional profiles  have been more and more various. They usually work in associations but also in local authorities or Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs).Whatever their educative and/or professional background, they are not trained to support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities. A relevant social and educative support is most needed in order to sustain the employment of low skilled workers in the long term.The Key Tutors project belongs to the Erasmus + programme focussed on Lifelong Learning.

The aim os this weblog is to remind of the goal & objectives, expected results, methodology and resources to be used by the European team during the two years (2015-2017)  in order to support Familles Rurales Pays de Loire to implement more easily the project. This weblog was updated at the end of the project in September 2017 with the presentation of the two European seminars held in Finland in 2016 (C1)  and in Poland in 2017 (C2) as they were not presented on the project webiste- This is the pitty as the transnational trainings have been key moments to underline the involvement of the different partners and the quality of the work provided. During 5 day training, you can't pretend that you have worked on the Intellectual outputs if you haven't.